Students tried out their first project presentations

Students of secondary schools where the Startupuj programme is running tried their first presentations in front of the jury. They presented their project in detail – the purpose of the project, the goal, key customers, work in Figma and some of them also presented their visual identity. In addition to evaluating their work, they were given feedback on their presentation skills themselves.

Now the next part awaits them – marketing, accounting, communication, pricing, law and the presentation itself.

We look forward to seeing how the students finish their projects. Some of them have great potential for actual implementation.


What is Sartupuj? A program where people in the industry teach high school students. They create a startup project at the beginning of the school year and gradually implement the skills they’ve learned over the course of a semester. At the end of the first semester, they will give a presentation of their project. And the best ones will present themselves at the very finale that can open the doors to the startup world.

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