Hackathon of education

Hackathon of education is an event where teachers and application developers meet together for a weekend and come up with new technologies and how they could help the current situation in education

What was the goal of the project?

In the last two years, school teaching has turned upside down, and the only sensible solution has been to digitize as quickly as possible. Many teachers had to learn to use all sorts of online teaching tools from day to day, which complicated the situation for many. The event was a great benefit for both parties, as teachers proposed solutions that would make it easier for them to work with new technologies, and developers tried to implement these ideas. One-click application, resource guide, video tutorial portal, teacher evaluation or sorting of emails received from students. These are projects that arose during the education hackathon.

See the documentation from Hackathon of education 2.0 below. We organized the hackathon together with TechHeaven, Czech Events and CollBoard.

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