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How to attract students’ attention? This is a question that has certainly been asked by many teachers. It is becoming increasingly difficult to teach the students to enjoy the interpretation and to keep their knowledge in their heads. Interactive learning is one of the possibilities, and therefore Nase firmy is so successful. It is teaching of 21st-century skills. But what does that actually mean? Students practice creativity, critical thinking, cooperation, communication and information thinking. Pupils will experience how it works in a real company. They will test the processes for creating Design thinking, Value proposition, and Lean business model and strengthen teamwork.

What is the goal of the project?

Students broaden their horizons and gain their own experience with this interactive and creative game. Then, they can use them in their own business. The aim is to show students the importance of cooperation and value creation in a company. What is the key to success? What is the heart of the business or where are hidden the biggest profits? The answers to these questions will be answered during the game, as the whole class will be involved and will find out what they are good at and what they are doing. Nowadays, social networks and virtual world are the weakness of most students. Nase firmy is trying to change it because communication between each other is the most important element.

Motivate students to find ways to succeed, to learn with passion! By practicing the theory they hear in the classroom, their interest and enthusiasm for the team increases!

Nase firmy can also play companies and teachers who want to improve and learn something new. Check out the website where we are adding new information and deadlines – here.



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