Smart City Hackathon

The event, where designers, developers and other IT experts are trying to make their city better and smarter in 32 hours. Representatives from city organizations launch the real projects – real struggles. Competitors together in teams then think and work on a solution. The reward gets the best team with successful proposal but for the best of the best is the best reward future cooperation.

What is the main goal of the project? 

The aim is to create and develop the community of people who are connected with enthusiasm for technology and innovations or entrepreneurial ambitions. Participants got eight city topics that were solved in teams. Between organizations were Divadlo J.K. Tyla in Pilsen, SIT Pilsen, Diocesan Charity Pilsen or kindergarten in Pilsen. Participants worked on the topic from Friday late hours till Sunday morning through the night and day.

What is the result of the project? 

All teams did a great job and results were worth it! For the Pilsen charity was solved the security of clothes containers to prevent disruption or overfullness. The app for kindergartens was very successful for its effective and fast communication between employees and parents. For theater J.K.Tyla made an app where visitors can rate the performance and for Pilsen Turism department recommendation of interesting touristic places.

Are you interested in how it looked like? Check the gallery from the event on Facebooku SITPort. 

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