Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend is a 54-hour event designed to take any tech-related idea from concept to creation within a matter of days. It is the place to look for a team, validate your business idea, and receive feedback from experienced entrepreneurs.

What is the goal of the project?

The strength of Startup Weekend is that everyone can discover the magic of technologies, design process and be part of the new business. Its own business. Through this event. we support development of young perspective people who have an idea and enthusiasm to move on with their own business project. Participants will learn what strategy is best to use for each project and how to continue successfully with the project. The next aspect of Startup Weekend is meeting with inspirational and experienced people from the field who tell the participants quality feedback. The event is in English.


Startup Weekend is an international concept that connects young entrepreneurs. This year takes place 6.-8.5.2022 at SIT Port in Cukrovarska street. Neither this year won´t miss interesting speakers, mentors and jurors who hand over their „know-how“ and motivates participants. You´ll find information on Facebook – here.

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