VR hackathon

The VR Hackathon is an event where designers, developers and other computer experts try to bring the world around us into virtual reality within 24 hours. Together, we put together themes that we see as the ideal space to use VR. Competitors then work together in teams to come up with and work on the best solution. The most successful of the teams will be rewarded.



What topics did we work on this year?

  • VR: Improves Pilsen
  • VR: Saves life
  • VR: The path that connects

More projects

FPV racing

FPV flying – or First Person View means that pilots see what a drone sees. This can be achieved by live streaming images from a camera built on the front of the drone. The image is transmitted...

Collaboration with schools

Our Companies – Thanks to this interactive and creative game, students will broaden their horizons and gain their own experience. They can then use this in their own business. The aim is to show...


Pilsen The Pilsen pilot simulates a terrorist attack, followed by the evacuation of the FC Viktoria Plzeň stadium. Would you like to volunteer as part of the Pilsen exercise? More info. Trikala The...