Our #SuccessStory

My name is Václav and I founded the startup ChytréCallcentrum.cz, where since the end of 2018 we have been developing our own platform, over which you can easily create scenarios for voice bots (telephone robots). We want to save time and worries, so we offer robotic telephone operators who can conduct a conversation the way we teach it. We bring a solution that allows you to replace the constantly repetitive work. We are implementing a fully automated system that conducts telephone conversations in natural language.

More information at chytrecallcentrum.cz.

1. How did you get into what you want to do in business?

Artificial intelligence attracted me in high school, where I was interested in how the algorithms behind AI work. And when combined with the deployment of robots on customer lines, where questions are repeated over and over again, it makes perfect sense, so I decided to go head-to-head and start developing a dialogue platform and dealing with voice bots. Today, this is a startup with an angel investment, and we are negotiating the deployment with several large companies in the Czech Republic.

2. What was your biggest fear at the beginning, what was the hardest part of starting a business?

At first, I was afraid that voice recognition technology was not yet advanced enough. After all, there have been attempts with voicebots in the past, but people do not use them as much yet. However, the quality of transcripts has significantly improved since then, and today we can entrust part of the calls to robots.

3. The biggest fuckup?

Fortunately, nothing major has gone wrong yet.

4. The best feeling I had when…?

During the presentation in front of the client, when he tried a lot of options, but our solution is one of the few that really works.

5. What are your business plans for the future, what is your goal?

Start a stable company, have a team of people around you that you can rely on and participate in the transformation that the possibilities of artificial intelligence bring.