About SIT Port


We support anyone who wants to make it in the world of business and technology.

We build technological community

We develope the entrepreneurial spirit

We give technological challenges

We build technical community

We are creating a platform where tech enthusiasts meet professional mentors and various practitioners. We offer a space for students and young people to create. We organize interesting projects that allow them to develop their talents. We organise hackathons, workshops, competitions, and bring practice to schools. We build a community of people who have something to say to each other and who push each other further.

We develope the entrepreneurial spirit

Having an entrepreneurial spirit is just one piece of the puzzle that leads to entrepreneurship. That’s why we help with mentoring, expert advice, organize workshops and provide the necessary facilities at TechTower. The icing on the cake are the big events like the Marketing Hackathon, Co-Hackathon and Startup Weekend. Through the Challenges, we submit contracts to students from city organizations and regional companies. Successful solvers gain great experience, financial rewards, new contacts, an important reference and often take the first step towards founding their own startup thanks to the Challenges.

At the stage when the startup has created a basic business plan, it can apply to the Business Innovation Centre Plzeň (BIC), which is part of the PINE – Plzeň Innovation Ecosystem, where they will help them with starting their business.

We provide facilities

We’re here for anyone looking for a basting space, a shared office or modern prototyping facilities. Community members can use the modern facilities of the prototype workshop or the shared office of the SIT Port cowork. Our team also takes care of rentals of the modern multifunctional hall and meeting rooms, as well as the completely unique water tank, which is unparalleled in the Czech Republic. It is used for testing underwater drones and submarines. As administrators of the TechTower site, we are not only responsible for property operations, but also for supporting and coordinating activities arising from the leases.here.

How it works?

Other events
21. 8. 20, Friday
SIT Port

Hackathon of education

Teaching has been upside down for the last three months, and there is only one reasonable solution – digitalization! A lot of teachers had to learn how to use all kinds of online tools for...

28. 2. 20, Friday
Fakulta informačních technologií ČVUT


For the first time in the history of FIT ČVUT, the doors of research laboratories will open as part of the HackFIT – 24-hour hackathon focused on the topics of virtual reality, artificial...

26. 2. 20, Wednesday
SIT Port

Web Sprint

Web Sprint is a competition for high school students who are not afraid to measure their strength in developing a web project in an extremely short time. Two or three-member teams first choose a...