About SIT Port

SIT Port is a port open to anyone who wants to sail in the right direction. SIT Port like every port is a crowd of people with different stories, visions and ideas. We are the place where you can anchor and plan your new ways. We are the place where both big and small boats going on the sea to catch business aims in the world or just make friends and have fun from sailing.

SIT Port is an operator of needs and solutions, we are the port opened for in & out communication.

We build technological community

The platform where professional mentors, our employees, freelancers from universities, innovative companies, nonprofit enthusiasts meet and pass experiences to children and students interested in technology.

We support startups

We provide space, technological support, hardware and data. We have 3D printers and CNC machines. We can finance specific hardware equipment and prototype testing.

We give technological challenges

Through the projects we offer students the opportunity to handle real city issues. Students work as investigators, Plzeň then works as the first customer (including the ability to finance development) and also the first reference of the new startup.

Connecting educational institutions and companies

We reach better mutual knowledge and synergy in the process of technical education. A vision and ambition for a change. That is the spirit of attitude leading to smart educating. It is the basis of economically successful future of the city. We organize study and career opportunities festival Posvit si na budoucnost. We offer students projects that solve the real problems of the city or companies. Successful solutions have a chance to be functional products. Children from elementary schools can try to work and develop their own business through the game Nase firmy, which motivates them for future development and suitable future study plan.

Talents hunting

We help young people in Pilsen who are interested in technology and have potential to work with technology. The pivotal is educational linkup from elementary school and options for growth. Children attend courses for kids, then make projects for students and then they are ready to create their own startup business. We try to provide interesting experiences. Our goal is to motivate and develop a community of talented people who make useful things that have potential to succeed on a global scale.

How it works?

Do you have an idea or motivation to do business?

Don´t throw your potential and don’t be afraid come with your own idea, vision or passion to do something special.

We help you with the progress of key competences

You can use workshops, consultations and seminars. We do mentoring for starting the company and its management (marketing, finance, law, accounting).

Startup your business and be your own boss

Become the solution solver of the real project. Pilsen will be your first customer (including ability of funding the development) and your first reference of your startup as well.

Other events
28. 2. 20, Friday
Fakulta informačních technologií ČVUT


For the first time in the history of FIT ČVUT, the doors of research laboratories will open as part of the HackFIT – 24-hour hackathon focused on the topics of virtual reality, artificial...

26. 2. 20, Wednesday
SIT Port

Web Sprint

Web Sprint is a competition for high school students who are not afraid to measure their strength in developing a web project in an extremely short time. Two or three-member teams first choose a...

21. 2. 20, Friday
SIT Port

Startup Weekend Pilsen

Do you have an idea that you´d like to realize? Do you have a project you need help with or are you looking for team members? Then Startup Weekend is made for you. Within 54 hours you will...