Prototype workshop, coworking space, meeting room. We've got open doors everywhere

Prototype workshop is a great place for…

anyone who wants to create. We provide modern equipment, hardware, 3D printers, CNC machines or laser technology. We can fund specific hardware equipment and prototype testing. We also host interesting workshops that we make to members of the SIT Port community, such as the IoT Academy or robot competitions. Hanging out in our SIT Port workshop in the afternoon takes on a whole new dimension!


Cowork is a great place for…

students and aspiring entrepreneurs. Modern shared offices offer the right place to work, not only thanks to their unusual design, but also thanks to the possibility of renting fixed or flexible spaces. In addition, community members can use call boxes for complete privacy when making phone calls, a fully equipped break room and a kitchenette for free.

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TechTower is a modern technology park for

…companies, innovators, technology enthusiasts, programmers and start-up entrepreneurs. It provides flexible office and coworking space, a restaurant and café, conference and workshop facilities, shared workshops and experimental facilities for ideas that can change the world.

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