Garage is a great place for…

makers of all ages. We provide space, technical facilities, hardware, and data, we have 3D printers and CNC machines. We can support financially specific hardware equipment and prototype testing. We build the business environment and community. Our conditions are similar to business incubators, where paths are shuffled for shared money, seeking new use of technology, business opportunities, and market leak. In the future, we are also going to devote to mentoring business creation and management (management, marketing, finance, law, etc.), which is one of the things that students often miss at school.

HUB 2.0 is a great place for…

the future. We believe that there is a potential in technology, but we do not find enough effort to develop it. That’s why we support TechHeaven, a nonprofit organization. They operate a coworking center with unique space for work. The goal is to offer the right place to create new ideas and move Pilsen technical community a little further.

TechTower is a unique space for…

…innovators, technology enthusiasts, programmers and start-ups. TechTower provides flexible office and coworking facilities, a restaurant and café, conference and workshop facilities, shared workshops and experimental equipment for ideas that can change the world.

Why create with us?

We talk to students
We challenge
We support growth