Watch videos from events we are preparing for you, such as hackathons, Startup Weekends, competitions and festivals.

Startup Weekend 2022

The strength of Startup Weekend is that everyone can discover the magic of technologies, design process and be part of the new business. Its own business. Through this event. we support development of young perspective people who have an idea and enthusiasm to move on with their own business project.

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SIT Port video

SIT Port is a port for everyone who wants to sail away in a new direction. We connect technically talented young people aged 16+ with city organizations and innovative companies in Pilsen region. We give them a chance to shine with their idea and solutions through technological Challenges, Startup Weekends or hackathons. We organize workshops in the field of technology, marketing or law.

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HAG ventures x SIT Port live on how to deal with investors!

A video about what you need to get an investment most importantly, why should an investor choose your startup, in which they invest their money and efforts? Rodrigo de Alvarenga is an angel investor from Brazil and CEO of HAG ventures, which has already supported over 70 startups. What exactly interests him and what annoys him? How to reach investors at all? You will learn everything in the recording of the online lecture with Rodrigo.

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Startup Weekend Pilsen 2020

We have done the third year of the international event Startup Weekend Pilsen, which was marked by ideas, discussions and of course the start of new startups. It was 54 hours of intensive work of 35 participants. At the beginning, they presented 13 ideas, from which 6 teams were formed and worked on 6 projects.

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FPV racing

This time we were able to run FPV flying in SIT Port thanks to the city's FPV arena, which offers great networked space for racing. Thanks to the ever-growing interest in flying drones, a large community is being established in Pilsen. Look at the fragments of the last races.

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