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Happy Robots

Happy Robots. A chatbot that makes work easier. And what is the goal? The Happy Robots team wants to save you time so we offer automatic chatbots that can conduct a conversation the way we teach them.

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JALUD Embedded

Jalud deals with the creation of embedded 32-bit systems, mobile applications and the integration of these solutions. They created SED, which makes the world safer at the speed of sound, as it uses a proprietary algorithm powered by machine learning to detect, classify, and then alert you to unwanted acoustic events such as a gunshot, scream, car crash, baby crying,…

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What does the BestTalk startup come up with? It offers an online solution for conference organizers, ie a web-based tool for obtaining and real-time processing of feedback from event participants and advanced data processing, including a database interface.

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Innovators from Dronetag form the way to make ordinary drones a full-fledged part of air traffic. With the help of their hand-designed IoT device, drones learn to communicate with each other to be smarter, more connected and safer.

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Content Combat

Content Combat - fighters on social networks. They help those who are new to social networks or are drowing in them. They organize original online courses, where everyone will learn the principles of social networks for their own business in a practical way.

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We are changing future generations from consumers to creators - that is the motto of Nvias. The company addresses the youngest generation and shows the potential of new technologies and how to create successful products and services. He wants to inspire and motivate to create successful global companies.

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Social Readers

SocialReaders is an online community of readers sharing books, ideas and experiences offline. Thanks to the concept of a shared library, readers contribute their titles and in return can choose from a much better selection of books.

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The crisis is not a stop sign, but an opportunity. This is exactly what the Protector19 startup is all about. During the coronavirus epidemic, Petr began producing quality face shields at a reasonable price, which were in short supply everywhere. It's called taking a shot!

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Lostik – smart key ring

The boys from Lostik created a keychain with a unique ID that can be attached to any personal item, and thanks to a sophisticated system, you can easily get a lost item, such as a backpack,. Another feature being prepared is the sharing of data on the user's health restrictions in the event of an emergency.

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