The mission of nvias is to transform the young generation from consumers to creators. They educate them in the areas of technology through educational games, workshops and long-term projects. So as to motivate the creators and give them enough impetus to create.


Our #SuccessStory

My name is Pavel König and I live in Pilsen. I am passionate about new technologies and discovering their potential for business. I am one of the founders of nvias.org, a co-author and mentor of educational programs focused on connecting technology and entrepreneurship. Before founding nvias.org, I managed one of the divisions in Aimtec with 50 people. I gained experience from the global IT business by managing projects in Europe and America.

We live in a time when big changes are taking place and will take place. We want to be the creators of these changes. That’s why we founded nvias.org, which provides a space for learning to create and experiment. We want to learn to master new technologies and create products, services and startups from them. Our activities include creation and programming circles in Minecraft, our company’s project day, focused on technology and entrepreneurship, project day Discover the potential of AI with building AI startups, IoT workshops and the newly prepared Climate Rules program, where we look at climate change from a perspective necessity and great business potential for new technologies and new business models.

More information at nvias.org.

1. How did you get into what you want to do in business?

At Aimtec, I had a huge chance to “travel” around the world and attend major technology and futuristic conferences. I realized that the world was about to undergo tremendous technological development and change that would affect our lives and our business as we know it. The image of our society and education did not correspond to this situation. I have two children, I don’t just want consumers of technology to come here. I wanted to inspire them to be creators themselves. I perceived the untapped potential of all today’s young generations.

2. What was your biggest fear at the beginning, what was the hardest part of starting a business?

I went into the field of “education”, which was completely new to me. I only knew it as a user / parent. I would probably lie if I say I wasn’t scared at all. 🙂 Surprisingly, the hardest part was explaining why I left the “warm” well-paid managerial position and went to do something where I started from the scratch.

3. The biggest fuckup?

That is the hardest question for me. I work with the error all the time. I often make mistakes quickly. 🙂 Of course we have already buried a number of projects, I take it as an important part of the business. I’m probably most sorry if I waste time with negotiation with the other party and then find out that it is not honest cooperation. Fortunately, there are not many cases like this. I’m surprised to meet so many keepers. We’re probably attracted in each other.

4. I had the best feeling when …?

The strongest moment was probably the children’s performance at Future Port Prague. Children aged 8 to 12, who took part in the Future Factory competition, presented their projects in English for almost 200 people.

5. What are your business plans for the future, what is your goal?

Tighten one of the student projects into a startup. Create in nvias.org custom products – educational “toys”. Start operating internationally. I tell everyone that the global market has huge potential, so we should be there as well. 🙂