There has been enough theory. It's time to get down to practice. That's what the CHALLENGES are for

Through the "Challenges" project, we connect the community of technically oriented students with the business community

What does this mean? A company enters a project they need a real solution to, and you deliver the solution. In addition to experience, feedback and an interesting financial reward, you will break into the world of business and start your own business will be that much easier.

Read the Challenge rules and get started.

Currently processed topics

Digital swimming pool

Current situation: Currently, the swimming area has no application or web solution to monitor the current status. The swimming pool offers countless opportunities for improvement. Whether it be...

System for automatic evaluation of traffic situation

Current situation: The Pilsen Municipal Police is faced with one of the basic problems with the safety and fluidity of traffic on the roads. One of the tools used to put pressure on motor vehicle...

Listed topics

Own topic

Current situation: The idea of an interesting project has been on your mind for some time, but do you feel that you need support during the start? In that case, you are right here! Required...