We have topics from real life and we are looking for their solvers.
You got it? Accept the CHALLENGE!
Gain experience, reward and take the first step towards your own business.

Listed topics

Digital swimming pool

Current situation: Now the swimming area does not have any application that would monitor the current state. The swimming pool offers countless opportunities for improvement. Whether it’s the...

System for automatic evaluation of traffic situation

Required solution: We would welcome the creation of a system that would be located on the towing vehicle and automatically evaluate the situation in traffic – the width of the road, the...

Own topic

Current situation: The idea of an interesting project has been on your mind for some time, but do you feel that you need support during the start? In that case, you are right here! Required...

Through the project Challenges we connect community of technically focused students with business stakeholders. What does it mean? The company provides a problem that needs to be solved and we find the solver of the problem. Do you have your own innovative project? You can share it with us and we help you to grow!

Thanks to the project Challenges you can show what you got! Imagine, you are at school – you would get a list of projects, choose one and work on it. Instead of being in the classroom, you are in the real world. Your idea would never end up in the trash. You would enter the world of technological companies and become part of it. Why should you do it? Except for an amazing opportunity and experience, you can count with interesting financial reward.

Let´s repeat it – why should you say YES to Challenges? - you´ll work on real projects - you´ll meet people who have more to offer - possibility to use open office and workshops for product development for free - specialists in the field always willing to give you an advice - when you are good, we support your startup - city of Pilsen will give you the first reference that opens new opportunities

What we expect from you? - active attitude during solving projects - participation on project days ( once a month) - be ready to work on yourself

Are you interested to read all rules for Challenges? read here