Our team


Head of SIT Port department
Our #SITPortMaster, captain of the ship. You can call him any time, he has set up a special line for SIT Port community members - the word NO is not the answer. He feels like a fish in water when organizing us but also various events, such as Dronfest - the largest drone festival in the Czech Republic.


Project manager SIT Port
Ondra takes care of the SIT Port Garage, where all tech enthusiasts meet. Do you want to make your own prototype or are you working on a school project that requires more than just a screwdriver? Then you're in the right #sitportgarage! Ondra is also behind a lot of interesting workshops, like the ones on 3D printing, the Robomaster programming course or even the IoT Academy. Technology is simply his!


Project manager SIT Port
The fact that you have visited the SIT Port website may be thanks to our Radana, who is in charge of marketing communications. She regularly sprinkles the website with news, makes our social networks more beautiful and sometimes she even gets involved in inventing promotional items. Moreover, good copy is her hobby, so all our texts pass through her hand (and eye). She is also in charge of the technology-packed We innovate Pilsen festival and the Marketing Hackathon.


Project manager SIT Port
Queen of Challenges, tables and rules! She will help you start a business. And you can bet that this cool lady knows what she's talking about, she has experienced it herself. As a bonus, she reloads you with optimism and energy that is needed at every beginning. It simply pays to follow her well-meaning advice.


Project manager SIT Port
Terez? Shoot it! This blonde beauty is making great videos about SIT Port events and startups. She's social media savvy, proficient in graphics and prepares information-packed workshops. You can hear her voice on the SIT Port podcast for some time now, where she interviews startups and international personalities. Because she is a capable organizer, she is also behind the international Startup Weekend competition.


Project manager SIT Port
Lena, this is Miss Marketing! She smiles in all directions and social networks are her thing. She has an overview of everything that is happening in the field of the innovation community and makes sure that others know about us. Thanks to it, you have an overview of what is going on in SIT Port and you will not miss any event or opportunity! Curently on maternity leave vacation