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Our team


Head of SIT Port department
Our #SITPortMaster, captain of the ship. You can call him any time, he has set up a special line for SIT Port community members - the word NO is not the answer. He feels like a fish in water when organizing us but also various events, such as Dronfest - the largest drone festival in the Czech Republic.



Project manager SIT Port
Queen of Challenges, tables and rules! She will help you start a business. And you can bet that this cool lady knows what she's talking about, she has experienced it herself. As a bonus, she reloads you with optimism and energy that is needed at every beginning. It simply pays to follow her well-meaning advice.



Project manager SIT Port
Ondra takes care of the SIT Port prototyping workshop called Garage, where all tech enthusiasts meet. Do you want to make your own prototype or are you working on a school project that requires more than just a screwdriver? Then you're in the right #sitportgarage! Ondra is also behind a lot of interesting workshops, like the ones on 3D printing, the Robomaster programming course or even the IoT Academy. Technology is simply his!



Marketing manager TechTower
You can meet Michal virtually on social networks or directly in TechTower, as he is responsible for all communication of the technology park. Among other things, he is responsible for the Toposombre event or the very popular TOP Talks. Michal also takes care of the TechTower community.



Community manager TechTower
You'll meet this long-haired beauty at TechTower, where she's in charge of the coworking office and building a strong community. Hanka is a smiley, likeable girl who has a lot of experience in organizing big events in the form of international hackathons! Hanka also loves technology, so she takes care of the robotic dog SPOT from Boston Dynamics.



Head of Facility management TechTower
Petra takes care of the TechTower building with all its joys and worries. If you are a company that would like to settle in the new technology park, Petra is the one you will definitely meet at the contract signing.



Creative manager SIT Port
Terko? Shoot it! This blonde beauty creates short videos from SIT Port events. She prepares visuals and organizes monthly workshops with interesting speakers. You can hear her voice on the #pitchujstartup podcast, where she interviews startups and international personalities. Because she is a capable organizer, she is also behind the international event Catapulso.



Technical manager SIT Port
Jarda is a technically oriented member of our SIT Port team. Like a true technical enthusiast, you will also meet him in the prototype workshop, where he sometimes takes turns with Ondra. But most often you will see Jarda in the CNC hall, where he works with various metals and deals with processing and cutting materials. Need to fine-tune your project? Then Jarda can help you.



Video maker SIT Port
That's our boy Vlado. Our video maker makes promotional videos and takes photos from events. He's also a skilled graphic designer, so he gets to create fresh visuals and collaborate on various promotional materials.



Marketing manager SIT Port
SIT Port marketer? That's Dominik Beer. In addition to all social media communication and marketing management of SIT Port, he will be in charge of the e-sports tournament or quizzes. He is an active hockey player for HC Meteor Třemošná, where he also works as a coach. And when he is not at work or on the ice, you can find him in nature or with a beer. As he says, he has to live up to his name.



Community manager TechTower
The first ever foreigner in our team is a new acquisition Léa from the heart of France! With a knack for languages—English, French, and now tackling Czech— she's getting ready to open the doors of TechTower to the world. She will be in charge of the coworking community and will also be involved in international projects and events. She will bring la French Touch to the technology park.



Community manager TechTower
This fit guy is the newest addition to our team. Vlasta will be in charge of all possible events held in the multifunctional hall, SeedUp Space or in the water tank. He will also be available to the TechTower community. In his free time, he enjoys playing hockey, going to the gym, playing video games, and most importantly historical fencing. He may look a little stern at first, but don't worry - he doesn't bite. At most, he fencing a little. So if you see someone in armor strutting around the technology park, it's just Vlastimil in his natural habitat.


Marketing manager SIT Port
The fact that you have visited the SIT Port website may be thanks to our Radush, who is in charge of marketing. She regularly sprinkles the site with news, records the Marketing Talk podcast, makes our social media more beautiful and gets to work creating promotional items. Plus, good copy is her hobby, which is why all of our copy goes through her hand (and eye). She is also in charge of the technology-packed Innovate Pilsen festival and the first Pilsen Marketing Hackathon. She is currently enjoying her maternity leave.



Tech CEO
SPOT is one of our four-legged pets that you can meet in our offices. He's the only one (maybe even the only one on the SIT Port team) who listens to his word, completes tasks on time, and doesn't talk back. You can meet him at festivals and when walking at TechTower.