JALUD Embedded

Technology can also be used to make cities safer. Startup JALUD Embedded has created a SED audio event detector that can detect gunshots, panicked screams, aggressive behavior and spraying graffiti.



Our #SuccessStory

We are Jakub and Lukáš and together we founded JALUD Embedded in 2014. We are dedicated to the production and development of equipment for the detection of dangerous audio events in real time.

In the beginning, we were gaining experiences and it was quite a thorny road to the current product. Our goal was to create a product that would benefit from our ten years of experiences in machine learning and embedded development. We gradually developed a sound event detector, which helped fulfill our dream of creating something interesting and thereby suppressing our boyish vanity because how difficult it is to get an interesting idea onto the market and be not only technically, but mainly commercially successful. Subsequently, it turned out that we have created a product that is innovative, but can also save lives, as it reduces the contact time of emergency services from approximately 7 minutes to 5 seconds.

More information at www.soundeventdetector.eu

1. How did you get to what you want to do, how did you come up with it?

Lukáš: I got into business as a teenager, when I bought back then HTC communicators with Windows Mobile OS from England and then resold them here in the Czech Republic for up to three times the price, I also picked blueberries in the summer, went to promotional events with Prazdroj brewery and others.

During my studies at the University, I was attracted by work experience abroad, so I worked in Germany in the fourth year of my studies. I came back for some time and started working as a researcher at the University where I also gradually completed my Ph.d education. Starting a company seemed like the next right step in my life.

2. What were you most afraid of at the beginning, what was the most difficult thing about starting a business?

Lukáš: In short, at the beginning we were probably most afraid of ourselves and whether we could materialize our ideas, which later turned out to be unnecessary, because with great determination you can achieve every seemingly impossible goal. However, it subsequently turned out to be the hardest product we came up with to sell, and so a lot of ideas arose for Fuckup Nights, where, by the way, we entertained the crowds years ago… But the hardest part, paradoxically, wasn’t at the start, because it’s already been 8 years and before those years we were still very resilient, we didn’t have families, financial obligations and other sorrows of modern life. The most difficult period is now, when we know that we have a good product that is in great demand on the market, but at the same time there are not enough of us to capture all the needs and wishes of customers in a quality way and at the same time support ourselves and the team of people around us in the first years of the company’s growth.

3. Biggest fuckup?

Lukáš: There are several of them, from the classic one, when the device is tuned at the last minute before the customer, and then of course it doesn’t work, after spending thousands of hours developing a solution that no one really wants, it was such a big fuckup… 🙂

4. The best feeling I had was when…?

Lukáš: When we succeeded in our first big order for the company Jablotron, at that time we really had little business experience, but our technical experience and functional prototype convinced such a large customer for further cooperation.

5. What are your business plans for the future, what is your goal?

Lukáš: Our general goal is to improve the safety of people in the public and non-public sectors. Such a fulfilled personal goal will be the fact when we learn that our device demonstrably helped to save the first human life due to the faster intervention of the IZS during a sudden event.