Our #SuccessStory

My name is Jiří Bouchal and I am a proud Pilsner. After many study and work stints in Prague and abroad, I am glad to be back in Pilsen. Together with Honza Jezek and Hugo Kerschot (Belgium) we founded InnoConnect a few years ago. We are a Pilsen-based software startup that focuses on visual data analysis. Our main product is analytical maps that help users understand big data through interactive filtering. We can visualize data of basically any focus, but most of our current focus is on analytical maps in traffic (traffic volume, accidents, violations, etc.). But recently, for example, we have also created a map of the spread of COVID-19 in the Czech Republic.

The main advantage of our solution over the competition is high interactivity while maintaining minimum response time even when working with datasets of millions of records.

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