Catapulso is coming!

We are seeking 30 of the most talented individuals to participate in a program designed to teach them essential skills for entrepreneurship. This opportunity is tailored specifically to help you turn your startup ideas into reality, and we believe that joining us will be incredibly beneficial for both yourself as an individual and society at large.

Registration HERE.

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„E-zpožděnka“ project attracted the attention of Czech Railways representatives

The student team formed within the Startupuj project at the Secondary School of Informatics and Financial Services in Pilsen is scoring on all fronts. Yesterday was the second meeting at the...

Co-hackathon was breaking records. And helped.

This year’s co-hackathon, held on 8 and 9 December 2023 at TechTower, broke records. In total, more than 70 students participated not only from the Czech Republic, but also from Slovakia. The...

Czech startup Dronetag received a significant investment

We are always happy when startups from our community doing great. One of them is Dronetag, founded by two former classmates Lukáš Brchl and Marián Hlaváč. By the way, you can read their story on...