Future Workforce show by nvias was a great success

On 14 December 2023, nvias held an event called the Future Workforce Show at TechTower.

Throughout the year nvias have held many project days in primary and secondary schools. One of the projects that ran from September was the Sustainable Technologies and Projects. This produced many solutions oriented towards education, the city or sustainability itself.

In total, 9 teams consisting of pupils and students from Pilsen primary and secondary schools appeared at the final show.

What were the themes?

15th Primary School – New website for 15th Primary School
28th Primary School – Ittiches – Revolutionary dermatological application
SPŠS – New relaxation zone for the Machine Shop
11. Primary School – School Modernization – Student Café
11. Primary School – Testing Centre 11. Primary Schools
Benešova Primary School – Watermelon Park of Pilsen
Benešova Primary School – New life for homeless people
15th Primary School – Children’s Hospital of Pilsen
1st Primary School – Chill Buffet – Restoration of the school cafeteria

The finalists selected the most realistic projects with the best business plan, the greatest impact on education and the greatest impact on the city.

All of the presentations were well prepared and we are pleased with the ideas the participants came up with. We hope that in the future their solutions will get the green light.

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