We innovate Pilsen Festival is coming – and this year it will be a great show!

In a few weeks, the We innovate Pilsen Festival will be held in the new modern Technology Park TechTower and this year it will bring with it a lot of new and great experiences!

You can look forward to a fair of first-class innovative companies, most of which are complete newcomers to the festival! There will be FPV races of ultra-fast drones directed by the Rotorama racing team. All branches of the integrated rescue system will be present, and they have prepared several demonstrations for visitors, such as a climbing demonstration by the fire brigade.

And(!) there will be several famous faces, including special guest Jaroslav Beck, composer and co-founder of the most successful VR game in history – Beat Saber by Beat Games, which was bought by the giant of all giants – Facebook four years ago.

On Friday, which is especially for students, the festival will welcome guest Horst Burbulla, who won an Oscar in the technology category with his telescopic crane! Thanks to the cranes from Pilsen, some scenes of such famous films as Harry Potter, Titanic, Pearl Harbor, The Matrix and Spider-Man were created.

Both of these guests have something in common – our beloved city of Pilsen.

Book the dates 2.-3.6.2023 and come and see the biggest technology festival in our country!

Where? Koterovská 152 -TechTower

The event is free of charge.

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