The competitions for students have one common goal – to encourage young talents in various fields, especially technical ones.

What competitions have we launched so far?

Battle Bots – The project is divided into two levels. Level 1 is for primary school pupils, whose task is to program a robot and defeat all robo-opponents in a virtual arena. In Level 2, high school and college students must design, build and program a robot warrior that will crush other manufactured robots during peer-to-peer battles.

My Robot YouTuber – The My Robot Youtuber competition is open to all bright students of all ages. The main task in the competition is to invent and build a robot and make a short funny video with it. The aim of the project is to inspire creativity in children while creating their own robot. You can find the finished videos on our YouTube channel.

Obstacle course for kids – The challenge is simple: create a proper monkey obstacle course for the other kids in the school. The basis of the project is to maximise teamwork during the design of the obstacle course. One team, one obstacle. Together? A proper monkey bars.

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