#BLOG: Discover what Pilsen has to offer

Do you also wonder what the abbreviation means? Don’t worry. After today’s article, you’ll already be an experienced matador.

Let’s start with the building block. SITMP, the Information Technology Management of the City of Pilsen, is a municipal contributory organization that takes care of IT in the city – wi-fi, computers in schools and offices, Smart Offices. All activities are based on 3 basic pillars: Making life easier, developing talents, inspiring entrepreneurship.

At SIT Port, we don’t care about IT in the city. Our main vision is the last 2 pillars: Develop talents and inspire to entrepreneurship. We bring hands-on experience to schools through the Startupuj project, organize workshops focused on technology and soft-skills, invite inspiring and prominent personalities from the business world to our TOP Talks show, record podcasts about marketing and successful startups. We are here for anyone who decides to enter the world of business.

PINE stands for Pilsen Innovation Ecosystem for the support and development of entrepreneurship in the city. Its 4 main carriers, perhaps better said representatives, are:
Robotics Centre – It works with children from kindergartens, primary schools, teachers and parents.
SIT Port – Develops and supports the 16+ community.
BIC (Business Innovation Centre) – Helps budding entrepreneurs with their start-up.

Whether you are a student, high school,college student, parent, teacher or (aspiring) entrepreneur, you have incredible opportunities with this Pilsen ecosystem. All you have to do is come in or contact anyone. We will be happy to help you.

You can find all the opportunities that these organizations bring to you on their website:

📍 PINE: https://www.plzeninovativni.eu/
📍 Robotics Centre: https://centrumrobotiky.eu/
📍 SIT Port: https://www.sitport.cz/
📍 BIC: https://www.bic.cz/
📍 SITMP: https://www.sitmp.cz/


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