High schools participated in Startup Sprint

In recent days, two classes from the Church High School in Pilsen and one class from the Sports and Business High School in Pilsen participated in the Startup Sprint.

What is it all about?

Startup Sprint is an event that precedes the Startupuj project. High schools that are not registered in the Startupuj project can try a small taste of Startup Sprint. This is a full-day taster of the Startupuj project. Pupils in a given class are divided into teams and have to build their own startup on a given topic within five hours. The students receive lectures from SIT Port staff on customer behaviour, marketing, competition, business model and design thinking.

At the end, there was a final project presentation with the aim of selling their product to the end customer. The end customer evaluated the project overall and was tasked with selecting the best project from the class, where the overall evaluation was the idea, the presentation itself, the price of the product and the ability to sell.

The winning team received promotional items from the SIT Port organization.

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