„STARTUPUJ“ at high schools

The City of Pilsen has long supported technical education and the development of entrepreneurial activities in the region, which is why it has launched a unique project to teach entrepreneurial skills in secondary schools – Startupuj.

Startupuj is a programme whose essence is to convey information from the world of business in an attractive way and to provide support to those interested in starting their own business.
The programme is part of the regular curriculum and is designed for one semester, with students attending two classes per week. The aim is for them to come up with a project they would like to pursue, choose a topic they enjoy and then learn about different areas of business through that project.

Several experts from the world of business are involved in the project. Students have the opportunity to discover how the whole world of business works. They will try their hand at communication, presentation and learn argumentation skills. They will also gain an understanding of law, branding, advertising, social media, finance and more.

We believe that it is learning through mock startups that will be fun, stress-free, yet motivating and purposeful for students in the future.

If you would like to get involved with your school, please contact: cudakova@plzen.eu

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