Co-hackathon was breaking records. And helped.

This year’s co-hackathon, held on 8 and 9 December 2023 at TechTower, broke records. In total, more than 70 students participated not only from the Czech Republic, but also from Slovakia. The hackathon was attended by hackers from Rokycany, Stříbro, Prague and even Poprad.

The main theme was “Hospitals where fun helps to heal”. The hackers had the opportunity to take advantage of the consultation of mentors from RTsoft and CIE Group throughout the hack. A nurse from the children’s ward was also present to oversee the meaningfulness of the applications and help the teams with the direction of their ideas.

After 24 hours of work, several great projects were created. The top ranked app was the “Personal Patient Health Record” which helps young patients express their feelings, concerns and removes any shyness in front of hospital staff. Other projects then worked on fun VR games that develop the imagination and cognitive skills of young patients. Another great project was the “Going to Hospital” website, which helps both young patients and their parents prepare for hospitalisation.

The great thing is that all the partners of the event are determined to continue to develop the apps and guide the students on the projects. We hope that the projects will really reach hospitals, and if they were to help one single patient, it makes sense.

We would like to thank the partners of the event – RTsoft and CIE Group, all the participants, schools and especially the College and School of Education in Pilsen, which came up with this idea 2 years ago.

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