SIT Port Workshops

The workshop is an educational activity where participant gains skills for his next project through a lecturer. The lecturer uses different kinds of techniques. We know how hard is to break the ice and fall into business waters. Having the idea is just the beginning of the long journey. Through this journey, you have to solve many other uneasy and unpleasant things that need to be done. It might not be easy to recognize them at first, but it’s like any other skill: practice makes perfect. That´s why we organize workshops where professionals from different fields advise on their business experiences to make the business start a little bit easier.

What is the goal of the project?

Founders have to do a bunch of different positions at the beginning of entrepreneurship. They have to know about accounting, they are their own lawyers, marketing specialists or IT guys. We organize workshops from those fields to make it a little bit easier. Specialists answer the most frequent questions connected with founding startups.

Informations about workshops, speakers and dates will find on Facebook or Instagram. Just a reminder that workshops are in Czech language.

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