Collaboration with schools

The school projects are designed to enrich the school system, its curriculum and help the school become a place for students to understand.

  • Our Companies – Thanks to this interactive and creative game, students will broaden their horizons and gain their own experience. They can then use this in their own business. The aim is to show pupils the importance of cooperation and value creation in a company. What is the key to success? What is the heart of the company or where are the biggest profits hidden? They will answer these questions as they play the game, as the whole class gets involved and find out what they are good at. In today’s age of social media and the virtual world, communication, for example, is a weakness of most students. Our companies are trying to change this, and it is in play that communication is the most important element. Our company’s project days are arranged by nvias. You can register on their website.
  • Social media basics for schools – Feel like the online world is slipping through your fingers? That while your students are using a new social network, you are just learning with Facebook? Whatever the case may be, we’d love to help you set up your social media communications so that your students are entertained and you can easily get up-to-date information to them.
  • Startupuj – Bringing business practice to schools. In Startupuj, students will create their own business plan, which they will be helped with by experts across disciplines for a term. They will touch on law, accounting, marketing and creativity.


More projects


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