IoT Academy

Are you into smart devices? Are you fascinated by new technologies and everything online? Or even see things around you that could be brought to life by IoT? If so, the IoT Academy, focused on designing and manufacturing IoT devices, is for you.

The IoT Academy will be led by experienced experts from TData.



You’ll learn:


  • From building a prototype, to designing your own PCB, to manufacturing hardware.
  • The benefits of low power MCU architectures and the use of independent peripherals.
  • How to build an IoT prototype quickly and efficiently.


  • The basics of the Embedded C language and how to program firmware for our devices.
  • Optimizing power consumption and using sleep modes.
  • Visualizing data through your own portal or cloud.

IoT low power networking

  • Choosing the right network and technology for data transmission (WiFi, Bluetooth LE, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT).

What you will work with:

  • IoT development platform AVR128DA48 CURIOSITY NANO (8-bit microcontroller).
  • Sensors and communication modules at the discretion of the selected project.
  • Autodesk Eagle or Autodesk Fusion 360.

What you need:

  • Your own laptop with embedded application development and PCB design environments installed (MPLAB X IDE, Autodesk Eagle, Autodesk Fusion 360).




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