Pilsen is the city of drones. Where else should be created the unique festival of unmanned aviation which belongs to TOP events of its kind. We introduce attractively on Dronfest dynamic area of unmanned aviation to the wide public so everyone enjoys the visit. Drones are technology of  the future.

What did you see at Dronfest?

  • Dozens of state-of-the-art machines in one place.
  • Meetings with representatives of innovative companies in the field of drone flying.
  • Inspiring stories of people who travel, take pictures or film with drones.
  • FPV flying competitions in the first urban FPV arena in the Czech Republic – the exhibition of professionals under the baton of Rotorama is an integral and popular part of the festival.

Now Dronfest has moved under the We Innovate Pilsen festival, which, in addition to the world of drones, brings the latest technologies and innovations.

What did Dronfest look like in 2019? Watch this video.

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