Hackathon is a more-days event where participants, with the help of mentors, work intensively on creating and testing their own or predetermined ideas. These are programming marathons where participants have a unique opportunity to make new contacts and meet a lot of new like-minded people who have the ambition to solve problems or improve the current situation.

What hackathons have taken place in SIT Port?

Marketing Hackathon – We brought marketing challenges into the hackathon world. One weekend, many topics, one winner. Learn more about the marketing hackathon here.
CZE + CH Hackathon/Ideathon – It wasn’t about the technical challenge, but about originality and creativity. Cross-border topics were tackled by teams made up of designers, developers, creatives, innovators and makers.
VR Hackathon – Virtual reality doesn’t necessarily mean just the world of games. On the contrary, it is becoming part of science, research, education and medicine. These are not the only topics addressed at the VR Hackathon.
Microhack on SPOT – The robotic dog SPOT can really do a lot. What kind of “doggy bits” does it do when properly programmed? Meet SPOT.
Education Hackathon – As the offline school system transformed into an online environment, students, teachers and parents didn’t know what was going to happen next. The 2020 Education Hackathon introduced online tools to make learning easy and fun. Interested in this topic? Then read the press release.
Smart City hackathon – The aim is to create and develop a community of people who share a passion for technology and innovation or entrepreneurial ambitions. Participants were given a choice of eight urban topics to tackle in teams. Among the topics’ sponsors were the J. K. Tyl Theatre in Pilsen, the Information Technology Administration of the City of Pilsen, the Diocesan Charity of Pilsen or the 38th Kindergarten in Pilsen. They worked on the themes from Friday evening until Sunday morning.
Satellite Hackathon – Participants used satellite imagery and data to come up with their own ideas. They tackled the areas of water absorption, the proportion of water bodies in built-up areas and the effect of buildings on temperatures in the city.

Our community participates in international hackathons across the world.


Hackathons in the Czech Republic and abroad are an important part of building a community of technically gifted students supported by SIT Port. We are pleased to see the results and achievements of students abroad, where competition is really hard. Experience, teamwork and feedback from professionals in the field is a great prerequisite for starting a business. Join us and get experience from the environment that will prepare you for a real business start-up.



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